Glynn Taylor

[Unity3D] Cubes

The initial idea

To experiment with Unity I decided to do a short project that utilized the idea that stepping through different cubes would give the player the ability to perform certain actions, like flipping gravity, making running faster or jumping higher etc. To make things interesting I wanted to combine these powers, for example; having a jumping puzzle that required using the speed cubes and to jump into a gravity flip cube. I had also planned on creating a device that would store a powers effect for a certain time period, and so activating would override the power; however, I struck a problem with the fact that my level design skills were not up to par for creating the complex levels/puzzles necessary, so I left the demo with 13 levels that showed off each of the powers individually or with small combos.

Technical aspect

The project was programmed in Unity3D through the use of simple scripts; the main aim for the project was to create a simple, yet enjoyable game that could be deployed in a web browser (no large models, sound files etc).


Still to do