Glynn Taylor

[Unity3D] Survival and enviroments

The initial idea

The following is a few minor experiments that helped me to improve the look and feel of my games as well as helping to create the first person medieval rpg character system.

Whilst using the Unity engine I had discovered that a wide range of environments could be designed and manipulated to create game scenes of great depth and perceptual strength; this led me on to working on shaders that would improve the look and feel of the materials and the different styles of models that could be created to suit the setting. To explore this more I made a short demo with different lighting, sounds and settings as a venture of curiosity.

Enviroments video

I also spent a while playing with Unity's raycasting and trigger system, to simulate a space survival game; I managed to implement alot of the core mechanics that I wanted, but decided to move on as I felt it lacked a compelling end game; however, the experience gained would help me in many other projects to come.

Lunar video

After playing stranded two obsessively I decided to see if I could emulate some of the survival mechanics. The main problem I came across was the need for a user friendly GUI, (massively important in a game about item collection) which would be solved when I would later turn this project into the first person medieval rpg character system.

Land survival video