Glynn Taylor

[Java2D] Networked RPG

The initial idea

Whilst my initial endeavours into game programming had been considerably successful, there was still something large that I wanted to implement into my games; multiplayer. To do this I searched around for a long time for tutorials that would explain networking in lamens terms, and with the help of the Java networking tutorial and some extensive googling I was on my way. I decided to start small with a 5x5 grid that multiple people could spawn in and move around through tile based movement; from there I took this idea a step further and started working on a small scale RPG world system that would be able to support up to 100 people.

I felt like, by the end of the project, I had accomplished just that; though there was still a few missing features:

Technical aspect

Programmed in Java using TCP networking; due to the nature of the game each client can be sent a snapshot of their surrounding area at a fixed time scale (as only tile ID and possible entity id/interaction data needs to be sent), and can send input data to the server at any time. This means that the server is fully authoratitive, with low data transmission.