Glynn Taylor

[Unity3D] Ludum jam 23 entry

The initial idea

My first ever Ludum dare/jam! The theme was tiny world, so I decided to take this a step further and create a centralised "tiny world" connected to four other "tiny worlds", the idea being that you would venture to each one in order to create power for your space ship in the central world.

Each world has a theme, one is a puzzle maze, one focuses on exploration, one is a simple platformer and the last is a jumping puzzle. The worlds can be completed in any order, unfortunately as I didn't get enough time to test, the maze is ridiculously hard XP

I wrote all of the code and made all of the models/textures for the game; the reason I chose the Jam instead of the dare was so that I could have extra time and collab with some of my musically talented friends.

Post mortem

Technical aspect

Made in Unity3D, models created using blender and animated within Unity.


The game can be played at: