Glynn Taylor

[] Sokoban

The initial idea

I was asked by my first year computing teacher to write a piece of software to demonstrate my abilities, as I had said that I had already surpassed all the programming techniques included in the A level computing syllabus (not necessarily all of the computing theory, just the programming part). To show my skills I wrote a console application in (though I preferred Java the exam had to be taken using, choosing to reduce the complexity in terms of graphics and increasing the complexity of the program itself. My idea was to create a program that could be used to play the simple game of Sobokan, but could also act as a multiplayer server/client if need be, as well as a map editor, all in one application; this would be my first time using multiplayer networking.

[No video at the moment]

Technical aspect

The server/client uses TCP networking, high scores are done by serializing a high score object (profiles are tracked via the name the user uses when the application launches), and maps are also serialized to files.


Although it lacks for graphical features, I felt this project allowed me to gain a decent understanding of networking, as well as the importance of a well written front end.

Download on code samples page.