Glynn Taylor

[Unity3D] Thronewars

The initial idea

After starting off with Unity3D I decided to make a simple RTS that would be founded on the idea of an old Gary's mod gamemode called sassilization. The game mode involved walking around as a character in first person mode, who could create a tiny city/buildings on the world at his/her feet, and so an rts could be played, similar to black and white, but where every "god" could see one another clearly, and resources were gained by having a city next to deposits. Instead of domination being the objective, the idea was to be the first to gain 1000 gold; however building and certain units also cost gold, and everyone's gold was visible at all times, so people would group up on powerful players. My initial idea was to create a simple replica; however after doing this I branched out into creating my own spin on the initial idea, adding in power cards, magic and the ability to release giant pigs in the center of the map.

Updated multiplayer video coming soon (old ones on my channel), but for now enjoy this development video of new features!

Technical aspect

The entire project was made with Unity, using no assets other than the standard assets that Unity provides; at the time I wasn't aware of the photon networking plugin/library, so chose to use the inbuilt unity networking. Although it was fairly easy to use, I felt that there was quite a few security issues with the Unity networking library, and it wasn't clear how much data was being sent/received over time. All things considered I had little issue with performance, with the networking working as expected, and being able to have hundreds of AI continuously running around the map was great.